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24/7 Outdoor Gym: Why should you offer it in your condo?

A question that every condominium manager should constantly ask himself is: how is the health of the residents?

And within the health and wellness spectrum, how can condominiums help people incorporate healthy routines and practices in an uncomplicated way?

People have become increasingly busy with their daily lives full of responsibilities. Doing physical activity cannot be a priority when you have to commute, catch traffic and choose a time that fits your busy schedule.

The abandonment of physical activities became even more significant with the coronavirus pandemic.

Fear of contamination indoors drove thousands of Americans away from gyms, and the pursuit of outdoor activities increased even further.

Faced with this pandemic scenario with people seeking outdoor physical activities that offer results and safety, residential condominiums have an excellent opportunity: outdoor fitness gyms open 24 hours to the residents.

Following, we will show you some advantages and reasons for implementing a 24-hour gym as soon as possible and improving the quality of life of all that lives in your condo.

A safer option in times of COVID

The coronavirus pandemic is not over. And as we showed earlier, going to gyms in closed environments, with crowded people and few safety protocols, has kept many people away, especially the elderly.

An outdoor gym with its outdoor equipment and environment can solve this problem.

With installation inside the condominium and access restricted to residents, the turnover in the use of the devices reduces, offering less risk of contamination and more safety for all.

More healthy aging for the residents

Regular and constant physical activity is essential to achieve an active and independent life. Longevity is something that everyone seeks and people over 50 years of age need to redouble their health care to age in a healthy way.

With a 24 hrs gym in the condominium, seniors will no longer need to commute to exercise.

With the right equipment, they will be just a few steps away from a safe gym that will allow them to move and not become sedentary with health problems.

The convenience of being able to exercise at any time

Not everyone enjoys working out at the same time of the day. Some prefer morning exercises, others feel better making activities in the afternoon, and there are still those who like to go to the gym at the end of the day, close to bedtime.

Not all gyms are open 24 hours a day, leading people with “different” exercise schedules to leave or go to the gym with slight frequency.

By placing an outdoor gym 24 hours a day in your condo, you allow everyone to choose the best time for themselves and feel free and privileged to be able to make that choice.

We can also talk about the security that those who prefer to work out at dawn or late at night will have.

We all know that condominiums are safe places, with cameras, some with security guards, and the possibility of working out in this environment can be what the residents are searching for.

Summarizing: everyone will be able to choose the time they want to exercise, or even combine it with the personal trainer without being tied to the schedule of gyms that don’t consider the variety of people’s needs.

Socialization and a Healthy environment

Before ending the text, we could not fail to mention one of the most significant advantages of having a 24-hour outdoor gym inside a condominium: encouraging socialization and creating a familiar environment for all residents.

The gym inside the condominium helps people to make friends, regardless of age.

Young and elders tend to be more open and funny in outdoor environments that allow them to exercise. After all, with a body full of endorphins, everything is lighter, and a pleasant chat is always good.

Want to learn more about 24-hour outdoor gyms?

Did you know that having a 24-hour outdoor gym in your condo can be simpler than you think? Don’t let some myths about outdoor gyms prevent you from offering this fantastic solution to your residents.

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