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How to build a complete outdoor gym? Find out!

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the leading causes of illness in the world. Thus, the government prioritizes reducing morbidity rates by creating public environments for physical exercise. Do you know what it takes to build a complete outdoor gym?

This post will cover the main points of this strategy and what it takes for them to offer an efficient solution. Follow the reading and check it out!

What is an outdoor gym?

As the name already suggests, the outdoor gym is a system aimed at physical activity in open environments. Weight training and other exercises are available in public places like parks, businesses, residential condominiums, beaches, clubs, etc.

In outdoor gyms, people over 12 years old can improve their quality of life and health using only the strength of the body. That’s right! The device does not work with any weight load. There are numerous possibilities of equipment available on the market, such as:

  • elliptical;
  • abdominal;
  • back handle;
  • rower;
  • ladder simulator;
  • adduction and abduction of arms;
  • bicycle;
  • cross station;
  • ski;
  • leg press;
  • parallel, among others.

The idea began in China, where equipment similar to those used in indoor gyms were taken to public spaces to provide the community — and, above all, seniors — with access to physical exercise free of charge.

A complete outdoor gym delivers personalized benefits to the community.

What are the types of outdoor gym equipment?

Within the segment, we find outdoor gym equipment of various types and modalities, generating doubts at the time of project elaboration and acquisition. Here are some of the main types of equipment that you can’t miss.


The elliptical is an apparatus intended for the development of aerobic work. With the elliptical, the user also stimulates their motor coordination and increases the level of muscle resistance.


Another alternative exercise for upper limbs is the rower, which can be single, double, or triple. It is a device that strengthens the shoulders, arms, legs, and back muscles and eases the pain caused by a lack of posture.

In short, it prepares the body for the daily challenges of anyone, regardless of age. A fascinating solution to compose your gym.

Individual bicycle chair

The bicycle is one of the most traditional cardio machines in a gym, and outdoor spaces are no different. The activities performed on this equipment are excellent for increasing lower body flexibility and blood circulation.

Walking simulator

One of the darlings of outdoor gyms, the walking simulator, is the device that stimulates motor coordination and lower body mobility. But its benefits don’t stop there!

He is also responsible for working the hip muscle belt and strengthening the thighs and cardiorespiratory functions. It is the ideal device for those looking for more dispositions daily.

Back handle with pectoral

In this model, the focus is on strengthening the upper body. The back puller with pectoral has two functions in a single device: it covers the pectoral muscle group, which works the shoulders, arms, pectoral, and improves posture.

In the back pulling function, the muscle groups activated are the shoulders and back.

Stair simulator

 The ladder simulator is an excellent alternative for working the lower body: thighs, glutes, and calves. In addition, improvements in cardiorespiratory functions are also a benefit highlight of this device.


The ski simulator represents a complete package for the users’ physical conditioning. That’s because, although the focus is on the thighs and glutes, it reflects on the entire body.

In short, skiing will work for several important muscle groups, contributing to balance, motor coordination, and reflex. In addition, the device’s vertical rods help to stimulate flexibility and endurance in the posterior muscles of the trunk, such as the arms, back, and chest.


In a complete outdoor gym, there could not be a lack of abdominal equipment. In this case, the surf simulator is a highly recommended gym equipment, as it helps strengthen the abdomen and define the waist and reduce back pain.

Horseback riding simulator

The objective of the riding simulator targets upper body muscles, such as back and biceps, and lower muscles, such as legs or quadriceps). Due to its versatility, it is a guaranteed presence in outdoor gyms.


The purpose of surfing is to give flexibility to the legs, hips, and lower back. It is a device that allows multiple works of resistance and stretching of the lower muscles. Consequently, training in surfing has as its highlight the alleviation of back pain.

In addition, its horizontal movement also works to define and thin the waist, which makes this equipment very popular among women who train in outdoor gyms.

Given all these benefits, we can say that surfing is an item that is of importance in any outdoor gym project.

Seated row

Sitting rowing is another type of device that you can’t miss in a complete outdoor gym. It mimics the movement of rowing athletes in the sport. As a focus, there is the work of the shoulder, neck, and upper back region.

It is easy-to-use equipment that also helps to treat some problems, such as bursitis and tendonitis.

How important is it to get full-body exercise in an outdoor gym?

Several reasons corroborate the importance of working the body in an outdoor gym, but, in summary, we can say that all of them go against a more significant aspect, which is the quality of life.

Investing in an outdoor gym space brings excellent results — not just for the physical health of individuals, but for them to find a balance between body and mind.

Outdoor gyms also play a role in social integration, as they offer people of different age groups the opportunity to exercise for free.

What does a complete outdoor gym need to have?

There is no rigid standard that must be applied in all cases when it comes to outdoor fitness. Of course, following the safety guidelines for choosing the location and installing the appliances is critical. However, each project can present its peculiarities.

The most crucial point is to provide alternatives that work the body very broadly, allowing the strengthening of the main muscles and aerobic conditioning.

The best projects aim to allow the execution of activities focused on all muscle groups, always considering the pillars of strengthening, muscle development, aerobic circuits, and stretching.

What is the minimum space needed to set up an outdoor gym?

One of the critical aspects in the step-by-step of the outdoor gym is the correct analysis of the installation space of the fitness equipment. Typically, it will vary depending on the number of equipment, planning, and organization — and there is no absolute rule about the size needed.

In this context, the most important thing is that there is a sufficient field for the use of devices safely and for people’s mobility in the environment.

The tip is to start with alternatives that are freely accessible to residents and, above all, do not expose them to risks. Consequently, the next important step is to consider whether the site has a level ground for the proper installation.

What is the ideal surface for installation?

The standard for outdoor training stations is cementation because this process is necessary to fix the equipment safely. However, concerning finishing alternatives, there is a broader range to be considered.

What can never happen is the use of any material that creates risks. For example, on uneven soils, it is mandatory to build a concrete base to meet this requirement. In addition, the outdoor fitness equipment has a minimum drilling requirement of 20 in from the ground for fixation.

Usually, in parks and other public spaces, cement is the predominant type of surface used. However, this does not prevent the use of rubber, synthetic grass, or other compatible materials. The flooring surface is a customizable part of outdoor gym projects.


What are the benefits of investing in an outdoor gym?

The positive impact of an outdoor gym goes far beyond the individual benefits. It reflects on promising results for the community in general. Check out what these advantages are.

Social integration

The economic factor is, without a doubt, one of the main obstacles for people to leave the practice of physical activity in the background. For this reason, the development of outdoor academy projects represents a mechanism to encourage social inclusion.

The reasoning is simple: you automatically generate the possibility for these individuals to enjoy the devices for free and benefit from a healthier routine.

It applies in all environments where there is outdoor fitness equipment. In condominiums, for example, it favors interaction between residents; in corporate environments, it encourages interaction between employees.


One of the biggest challenges of modern society is dealing with the fast pace of life, repetitive tasks, closed environments, and stress at work.

Due to this vicious cycle, there is a lack of time and motivation to develop new experiences and take care of physical and emotional health, and the willingness to attend a gym.

In this scenario, outdoor activities came into play, awakening something different, an incentive for people to dedicate part of their day to personal care, increasing their quality of life.

Install Ginast outdoor gym equipment in neighborhood parks, condominiums, or businesses. With this, there will be less wasted commuting.

Furthermore, a complete outdoor gym works very well for different audiences — such as families, representing a moment of interaction between parents and children. Finally, it is an opportunity to add new experiences and, at the same time, keep your health up to date.


The presence of outdoor gyms in public spaces is also synonymous with increased security in that region. The rotation of people to exercise in that area is a factor that inhibits crime, generating benefits for everyone in the neighborhood.


More than saving time and money, a complete outdoor gym fits perfectly into anyone’s routine. So, it doesn’t matter whether the exercise routine is more adaptable to a morning, afternoon, or evening schedule: the outdoor exercise machines will be available any time.

As you can see, setting up a complete outdoor gym is no big deal. With the help of competent professionals, beautiful, functional, and high-quality equipment, it is possible to transform people’s lives with the quality of life and, in addition, for a healthier environment.

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