The Importance of a Gym in Residential Condominiums

Understand how an outdoor gym in a residential condominium can add value to the property and contribute to the quality of life of its residents.

Why the importance of a gym in residential condominiums is so big? There is a consensus among physicians and people that physical exercise is essential to achieve a good quality of life. It is necessary for our body’s correct functioning to prevent and fight diseases and is also suitable for our emotional health.

Although almost everyone knows this, the busy routine is often a solid obstacle to the practice of physical activities: the gym near work is costly, the most accessible gym is far away and has limited hours, parking is difficult, etc. One of the best ways to overcome these obstacles is to have a gym in your residential condominium. Find out some advantages of this installation now.

An outdoor gym can add property value

A few years ago, the most desired item by those looking for a new place to live was parking spaces. Today, however, along with location, one of the essential items for people looking for an apartment or a house in a condominium is the leisure area.

Previously, the leisure area corresponded to a clubhouse and a barbecue area. However, with the growth of this concept, the wish list grows more prominent, such as a gourmet space, swimming pool, playground, and gym.

According to experts in the real estate market, a complete and fully functional gym can value the property, justifying the initial investment in building the space and acquiring the equipment.

However, for this property valuation to happen, keep in mind that the mere presence of a few gym equipment will not be enough – that is, it is useless to install a treadmill, a bicycle, and half a dozen weights.

Quite the contrary: nowadays, residents and potential buyers expect the residential condominium’s outdoor gym to have a wide range of equipment, allowing them to perform different types of exercises. In addition, the number of fitness equipment must be sufficient to meet the demand of regular users.

Thus, by showing that the gym provided by the condominium can meet the needs of residents, the property grows in terms of added value. As a result, there can be an appreciation in home value.

A matter of time and convenience

Residents of large urban centers know that precious hours of the day are lost commuting from home to work and from work to home. The amount of people who spend one to two hours completing these journeys is not rare. So imagine what happens when you need to add one more destination along the way.

No matter how much willpower and determination a person has, it is challenging to maintain a training routine if the gym is not too close to home or work, eliminating the time in transit between one location and another. The result of this is that, on tough days, when the body seems to be unable to take it anymore, and the head asks for a rest, the tendency is to skip the gym and go straight home.

One way to solve this problem is to have a gym adequately installed in the residential condominium, a practical solution that saves time, avoids long and tiring commutes, and puts an end to most excuses to escape from physical activities.

No monthly fees mean more money in your pocket

If someone wants to exercise after work, a nearby gym can save time, but the cost of monthly fees could still be an obstacle.

In times of crisis and less money, families need to review their budget and cut items considered excessive, such as gym membership. The fact is that it is often not possible to shell out extra money every month to exercise.

Another advantage of an outdoor gym in a residential condominium is that residents don’t pay monthly fees for equipment use, as there’s no cost to maintain the outdoor equipment.

Get outdoor gym equipment installed in your condo

An excellent alternative to traditional gym equipment is outdoor gyms. It is pretty standard in parks. However, residential condominiums can get outdoor gym equipment installed for the exclusive use of their residents.

Outdoor gym equipment is as effective as traditional gym equipment for maintaining health and improving quality of life. It’s also accessible to people with disabilities and engaging for seniors, who may not be served by traditional equipment.

In addition, the outdoor gym has other advantages. Benefits of an outdoor gym include promoting contact with nature, allowing physical activity in an open environment, and exposure to natural light, essential for vitamin D absorption and bone strengthening.

Are you thinking about implementing this type of gym in your leisure area? You will probably like to know more benefits about this.