Four tips for setting up an outdoor gym in a condominium


Setting up an outdoor gym for a condominium is an excellent opportunity to promote the well-being and health of everyone, reduce stress and financially enhance the space.

The benefits of an outdoor gym are notorious for users in reducing sedentary lifestyles and overweight, increasing the quality of life, practicing sports, and saving financial resources for those who paid monthly fees in gyms outside the condominium.

However, it is necessary to properly raise the costs, analyze the equipment according to user demand, select the most suitable area for installation, and care for the environment.

So, if you want to know more about building an outdoor gym for the condominium, keep reading, and we’ll give you essential tips!

1. Consider the available space 

The outdoor gym should be installed in a spacious area with an adequate surface for installing equipment. In addition, it must be easily accessible to residents.

However, it is possible to adopt small spaces for gym equipment, as long as the minimum distance is considered for users to use them without interfering with the exercise of others.

It is essential to seek information from the gym equipment manufacturers, which can also help choose the most suitable surface for this endeavor.

2. Evaluate surface specifications

Today, it is possible to install fitness equipment for outdoor gyms on virtually all soil types, except those constantly wet due to water retention.

In addition, there is the possibility of installing the gym equipment from a concrete plateau with perforation, which varies from 60 to 80 cm, which will be evaluated in advance by the responsible team.

Thus, it is possible to provide an outdoor gym on different surfaces, with possible adaptations, increasing the chances of installation for safe use by users.

3. Research gym equipment

In addition to the predetermined physical area, choosing the equipment is also essential, considering the space needed for each one.

In this regard, it is interesting to think about the equipment that works several muscles simultaneously, which can be used by more than one resident simultaneously, also varying between the simplest and the most complex.

Once done, it is vital to determine the cost of each one and assess the budget for this project.

Below, we will list some of the most requested equipment to build outdoor gyms in condominiums.

Individual seated row

Sitting on an adapted chair and simulating movements as if you were rowing at sea is the proposal of the individual seated rowing apparatus, which works mainly on the upper limbs and the back.

Therefore, it is essential to make repetitive and constant movements for a few minutes and increase the frequency of strokes according to the level of resistance of each one to optimize mass muscle gain.

Individual walk

 The most requested equipment is the Individual walk due to users’ ease of installation and use and the smaller physical space needed in the outdoor gym.

A more intense walk simulation targets motor coordination and increased leg mobility while working the arm muscles in cross movements.

Individual skiing

The individual ski is another highly requested equipment, as it takes up less space than others that more than one person can use simultaneously. Its primary function is related to increasing the flexibility of the arms and legs.

This device simulates skiing and demands the user’s balance, and speed can be increased according to skill throughout training, thus optimizing cardiorespiratory capacity.

Triple mechanical elliptical

The triple mechanical elliptical machine is a popular option for outdoor gyms, mainly due to its advantages for the users’ health.

The way to use it is simple, recruiting the muscles of the lower and upper limbs, being a complete exercise, which guarantees a gradual improvement of the respiratory condition and normalization of the cardiac parameters.

Triple leg press

The triple leg press equipment consists of three benches for users to use and flex the knee in back-and-forth motions simultaneously. Its primary function is to strengthen the muscles of the thighs, hips, and back of the legs.

The ideal is to do at least three repetitions with five or more push-ups and progressively increase it according to the body’s adaptation or the recommendation of a professional.

4. Search for partner companies

After surveying the physical space and the number of equipment to be installed, the next step is to look for companies that supply this equipment and guarantee the quality of service.

In this sense, it is essential to verify the documentation that accredits it as an outdoor gym equipment supplier and carefully analyze the contract clauses and the conditions for maintenance and installation.

There are few companies in this outdoor gym space. Therefore, selection will not be difficult, but some high-quality value services, including issuing safety certificates for outdoor exercise equipment and sharing the preliminary information on periodic maintenance, evaluation of valuable parts, among other variables.

It is also interesting to seek references from other customers who have already used the service to obtain an impartial opinion on its efficiency, competence, integrity, and seriousness.

 Understanding the steps to build an outdoor gym in the condominium is crucial for everything to happen as expected. In an HOA meeting, it is essential to define the physical space destined for this project, the list of devices to be purchased, the cost of each one, and, above all, hiring a reliable company to bring the project to life.

Consult Ginast for more information on outdoor installations and their costs.

Schedule a meeting to budget the ideal project for the specific need. Because your outdoor gym is more than a venture, it is a choice for life!

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