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Home Playgrounds: A Comprehensive Guide to Buying, Installation & Use

Building a home playground in a condominium is an increasingly common project. You can place these structures in a variety of locations, as long as there is sufficient space and safety measures for children. Therefore, in addition to choosing good equipment, it is necessary to follow some important parameters to achieve a successful project.

The home playground is a great resource and a good idea for little ones, but also for parents. After all, offering a fun space without having the children leave the condominium is the perfect option. Leisure in common areas, already frequented by them, thus becomes safer.

 Indeed, there are many important issues to consider before, during, and after installing a condominium playground. In this special post, we show you the reasons to invest in this infrastructure, what to evaluate, among other related points. Check out!

Why have a playground in the condo?

There are good reasons to invest in a home playground. An infrastructure like this is of interest to both owners and residents in general, as well as the landlord. Next, understand what are the main reasons that justify the investment!

Fun for kids

Parents know how difficult it can be to keep children occupied during their free time. Even with electronics, it’s still important that they expend energy running, jumping and moving around. The problem is that there is not always a safe space close to home for this.

The playground in the community is a perfect option to ensure that the isolated little ones are moving and exercising while they play. In addition to the physical issue and fun, the playground is also a great opportunity to encourage children to socialize.

Valuing the condominium structure

Owners who live inside condominiums are concerned about the value of their properties. This is important because a condominium playground is an asset that can be traded later or simply kept for the enjoyment and benefit of the residents. That is, the more valued the better.

This aspect is directly related to the infrastructure in which the property is located. A playground is an example of a resource that helps to enhance the value of properties, as it represents a very useful and functional leisure area in the condominium, especially for families with children.

Safety for children

It’s not all neighborhoods where children can play in the streets with peace of mind, without their parents being concerned about safety. Unfortunately, violence is one of the big issues affecting neighborhoods and cities across Brazil. Therefore, the home playgrounds in the condominium becomes a great value option.

Without having to leave the area where they live, children have greater freedom to move in closed areas, where only residents and authorized persons enter. Thus, parents can be sure that their children are playing and developing without major risks.

What types of playgrounds exist?

Bespoke projects are a real possibility when it comes to playgrounds for condominiums. Currently, there are qualified suppliers who help to develop custom designs for each customer. So, no matter the size of the space or other specific needs, it is possible to meet them.

There are different models of playgrounds for condominiums. Next, you will better understand their characteristics, advantages and what they offer to residents.

Children’s playground

For condominiums that have open areas, an outdoor playground is a classic and popular option specifically designed for children’s enjoyment. The idea is to build a complete infrastructure, with several toys that offer fun and motor development together. Indeed, depending on the possibilities and available space, an indoor playground can also be installed in condominiums. This provides an alternative option for children to play and have fun regardless of the weather conditions.

Each project may have a selection of toys for the contractor to choose from. Some of the most common devices are:



twisted climbing;



spin spin;

half moon climbing.

Hybrid playground

The hybrid playground joins two structures in the same space: the children’s playground and the condominium gym. The big advantage is to take advantage of the common area’s space and create a democratic area, in which both children and adults can make the most of it.

In these models, one of the main advantages is that parents and children can be close while using the devices. So while the kids are having fun, the adults can work out and spend time outdoors.

The assembly of this structure is done to properly integrate the two categories of equipment. This guarantees a good space between the areas and a correct delimitation, guaranteeing safety for everyone who enjoys the playground.

How should the installation of the playground in the condominium be?

The process of installing a home playground in a condominium requires the completion of some steps, such as evaluation and installation. Sometimes, it will be necessary to carry out certain adjustments so that everything works well and, especially, safely for adults and children.

Check out the main steps related to this process below!

Soil Assessment

All home playground equipment must be attached directly to the ground. For this reason, it is necessary to strive for security so that the installation process takes place in the right way. Evaluating the exact characteristics of the soil beforehand is crucial to determine the appropriate fixation of playground equipment. This evaluation helps ensure that the equipment is securely anchored, minimizing the risk of accidents caused by any equipment coming loose during use.

it cannot be the soggy type;

must be able to receive a concrete base;

must allow for a minimum of 60 cm perforation.

For the fixation of the devices, holes above 80 cm may be necessary. In addition, it is noteworthy that the total area of ​​the playground must allow for a distance of 1.5 meters between the equipment.

Installation time

You must always consider the fact that each home playground project will have a specific time frame. This depends on some factors, such as the size of the space, the toys chosen, the gym equipment (if it is a hybrid project), among other issues.

Even so, the average installation time in regular projects is three weeks, not counting the delivery time for devices and toys. Ideally, design the structure in advance with the supplier, as this will help make the process more streamlined and effective.

What are the necessary cares at this time?

The condominium home playground project needs to respect some good practices in order to achieve a good result. We are talking about both financial issues and the choice of the company that will run the project.

So, check out some important precautions below and understand their impact on the playground assembly!

Assess the area

The first consideration is the area where the playground will be installed. It is important to assess this from two perspectives: first, from a technical point of view, ensuring it meets the necessary requirements, and secondly, in terms of the safety and comfort of the residents.

It is necessary that the ground is in ideal conditions and that there is enough space to install all the equipment, according to the intended project. In addition, it is necessary to assess whether the site is not close to railings or where cars pass, as this would put children at risk.

An installation area needs to be perfect, that is, with good space and safe. Thus, it does not affect the condominium’s routine and minimizes any risk of accidents.

Study a project together with the tenants

Every project requires investment, which requires the approval of the unit owners. Therefore, it is important to call a meeting to discuss the intentions regarding the playground. At that moment, the manager must present the proposal, citing benefits and informing the installation and maintenance costs that it will generate for the condominium.

Naturally, residents will have questions that will need to be clarified during this presentation. The next step is the approval of the financial project, which will require a vote, as in any other type of investment required in the condominium.

Choose the best supplier

The supplier is also an important concern when setting up a playground. Therefore, having a responsible and experienced company in the sector is the starting point. It is up to the liquidator to carry out market research to find out which are the main companies and their history.

This supplier must be able to carry out a complete project and in accordance with the limitations that your condominium area presents. In addition, the company must undertake to carry out the delivery, installation and any adjustments that the location may require. Also remember to consult with the supplier if maintenance is included in the contract.

How should the maintenance of the playground be?

The good functioning of your playground depends directly on its maintenance routine. Naturally, the constant use of mechanical devices will cause wear that can often be noticed. If this is the case, it is easier to carry out maintenance before problems compromise the equipment.

Understand this routine better in the sequel!

Perform recurring inspections

Ideally, it is important to establish a schedule of inspections for the equipment used in the playground. Thus, it is possible to detect any malfunction, wear or even damage to equipment or any component of it.

Inspections need to be routine, such as weekly or even daily, in order to enable monitoring of the device and the right time to intervene. This also helps to preserve the condominium’s heritage.

Perform preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is an important job that should be considered when dealing with playground equipment,

playground toys or gym equipment. The main objective is to prevent a major problem from happening.

Anticipating the repair generates some decisive benefits, such as:

Preventing accelerated wear of the device; accidents that put the integrity of the tenants at risk; a device from breaking, generating a higher cost in emergency maintenance and the device from being interdicted if it stops working.

How important is regular playground maintenance?

Regular maintenance is an issue that always generates important reflections. After all, you can expect to get it fixed only when the problem happens, but that will certainly have bad consequences.

Hence the importance of paying attention to some factors that reinforce the work with a focus on prevention. Look!

Avoid accidents

Wearing a part can cause the device to malfunction. If this happens, it is not possible to guarantee the safety features that such equipment should have. Therefore, the people who use it are at risk. Therefore, unit owners need to intervene promptly as soon as a problem is detected to ensure their proper protection.

Decelerate equipment wear

When a condominium hires a leisure area, the idea is that this infrastructure will last as long as possible. To extend the useful life of each equipment, it is crucial to take all necessary care. Without proper preventive maintenance, it becomes challenging to slow down the wear and tear of equipment, particularly when it is used frequently.

Maintain proper functioning

If the device breaks down or has any malfunction, it will automatically need to be interdicted. This would also happen in the case of preventive maintenance, but the difference is precisely the downtime. Certainly, an unresolved problem in maintenance will require discontinuing use for a much longer time, causing inconvenience.

What are the rules for using the playground in the condominium?

Rules are indispensable in the use of common spaces in a condominium. They are necessary for some main reasons, such as security, respectful coexistence and heritage conservation. Therefore, some essential rules for the use of the playground are:

  • Define a time for the use of the area, avoiding discomfort to residents after a certain period;
  • Guide behavior when using the playground, ensuring respect for all unit owners;
  • Adopt requirements regarding the safe and responsible use of equipment.

The playground in the condominium makes residents less sedentary, whether they are children or adults. In fact, a more active condominium is also healthier from a physical and mental point of view. Hence its importance, especially nowadays, when stress and dependence on electronics are increasingly common. Therefore, there is no doubt that investing in these structures is totally valid and beneficial.

Looking for a reputable supplier with extensive experience in the market? Contact Ginast and see how we can help your playground project!