How to start exercising after the ’50s

Countless concepts are taken for granted because they are exhaustively repeated by society. However, a more dedicated look reveals that most of them are not precisely about reality but a convention and some comfort. Among them is the idea that a person over 50 cannot lead an active, exercise-filled life. This understanding is a grave mistake.

The most people they can, they should be physically active and all others. The excellent performance of the human body depends on exercises, stretching, practices that activate it and consequently improve its functioning. There are, of course, ways to work this load well and in a controlled manner, respecting specific conditions and recommendations.

It is essential that the person in question goes to his doctor, has all his exams up to date, and knows precisely what his impediments are. Any trauma, illness, or condition that requires specific care, a better type of exercise so that the activity can be safe, effective, and a moment of satisfaction for whoever is doing it. This organization between medicine and physical preparation is the tone for everything to work well.

There are repeated cases of people who reached their best shape already in old age, combining good practices, such as morning stretching, joint movements, a brief weight training – using household weights, a walk in the neighborhood, and, in a second moment, taking this practice to a new level with the outdoor gyms, improving the method and finding great results.

There is no doubt that inserting an exercise routine is essential for anyone over 50; after all, it is a ticket to a phase of life with more health, well-being, safety, disposition, and sociability, not for nothing the outdoor gyms are spaces for people to get to know each other, exchange information and have fun, offering new horizons to something that seems to be a complicated and straightforward obligation.

For everything to go well, it is necessary to consider some crucial points. Understand that each case has its particularity, identity, and differentiating factor. Each person needs to understand what they can do, how often, and in what way. Then, understand that evolution and improvement is a daily process, always striving for a healthy, pain-free, and very active life.

Good preparatory care and physical activities at age 50 will be natural and obvious to people, and they will be part of their routines, making room for a pleasant, happy, and fit aging. Much more than aesthetics, it embraces health, well-being, and self-esteem.

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