Outdoor fitness for seniors: The top 4 equipment and exercises

Outdoor fitness for seniors: retirement communities and condominiums for people over 55 have been increasingly sought after by those who want to live healthily, comfortably, and enjoy retirement with peace of mind.

It is essential that these places have adequate infrastructure for this public, with leisure, space for socializing, and of course, high-quality equipment for physical activity performance.

This article will talk about outdoor fitness for seniors, featuring the top 4 equipment and exercises for 55+ people, and we will answer one of the main questions about starting training.

What is the best equipment for senior fitness?

Fitness equipment ideal for seniors needs to offer optimal ergonomics, be made of strong, quality material, and safely require that muscles are being worked on and prevent injuries.

The recommendation is to set up an outdoor gym containing a variety of devices, with the possibility to exercise upper and lower parts of the body, so you ensure that the whole body is working.

Here we’ll show you some examples of the best equipment for seniors:

Jogging Simulator

This device, as the name implies, simulates jogging. It is as if the person is running a light run without impacting the knees and joints, which often leads to injuries.

Thus, it offers a safe and even fun aerobic activity, improving agility and flexibility and working regions such as lower limbs, hips, and lumbar.


Ski Simulator

The Ski Simulator is ideal for those who want to tone up the whole body, as it works both the upper and lower parts. The person will need to push with the arms and legs for the device to move, as it is on ski.

The core is also required as it is necessary to keep the body stable and firm in the equipment.


Rowing Simulator

For rowing lovers, this is the ideal device. It simulates a safe row for older people, working the heart, burning calories, and requiring arm and core muscles to exercise.


Vertical rotation with double diagonal

Older people need to exercise mobility so that they can remain independent and active. The shoulders are important muscles for mobility because it allows the arms and upper body to move.

This device is very demanding on the shoulders and arms but without real impact, making it ideal for working the entire upper body and ensuring mobility and independence.


How can an older person start exercising?

People over 65 years of age may feel insecure before they take the first step and start exercising. There are always the terms of injury, cardiorespiratory capacity, and even doubts about correctly performing the exercises.

Here are some tips on how to encourage the practice of physical activity in a community for older people:

– Create groups and encourage physical activity together with other residents;
– Offer lectures with good professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, and nutritionists;
– Organize events such as collective walks around the neighborhood;
– Partner with doctors and physiotherapists for collective assessment of residents;
– In the outdoor gym, place instructions for using the devices.

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