Physical activities for seniors

Physical activities for seniors

Studies show that, in 2060, a quarter of the global population will be in the third age, with a life expectancy at birth of 77.9 years for men and 84.2 for women. Given this scenario, there will be a growth of chronic-degenerative diseases, common with advancing age. The only way to decrease a person’s chances of suffering from this type of consequence is physical activity, which is highly promoted for young and middle-aged people, but what about the elderly? Why are they forgotten in this offer?

The universe of sports practice has grown exponentially over the past few years. Above all, academies established themselves very quickly and took over the big cities and the smaller ones. Disputed, these spaces gain full adhesion of young people and middle-aged people, searching for a better life condition and as a form of sociability. Intense and often too fast-paced, these places did not properly house these people, so much need activation to live longer and better.

This abandonment demotivates this age group, which does not want to deal with loud music, crowding of people, or state-of-the-art equipment. As a study conducted in California in 2019 pointed out, an old practice strengthens the things they do daily, such as stretching their arms, bending their knees, walking steadily, and having movement stability. These are very particular needs, even if simple, for them to achieve their goals.

With the high cost, many people cannot embrace this training model, so many are in high need. In addition to the inconvenience of having a house as a training area, a family inconvenience, a lack of opportunity to socialize, get fresh air, go somewhere different, pleasant, celebrate with acquaintances, and have a non-invasive and very effective activity, the zero cost is a fundamental ally for the democratization of physical exercise.

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What, then, is this alternative that answers so many questions? Outdoor gyms. Modern and objective facilities, always in specific places for good physical practice, surrounded by social facilities, belonging to neighborhoods and condominiums, and at zero cost to the practitioner – a single gym that especially meets the demand of a senior citizen, both in the physical aspect as in the soul, being 100% responsive and effective, including this forgotten portion and giving her a chance to take good care of herself.

Ginast is a specialist in installing this type of project. The best and newest equipment available gives seniors a new way of looking at life healthier without suffering or undergoing traditional exercise models. If you want to take this concept to a condominium, neighborhood, or development, schedule a conversation and learn more about how the company works.